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Shipping & Storage Containers for Sale

COASTAL CONTAINERS is your "go to source" for shipping containers, residential storage containers, portable office solutions, commercial uses, agricultural purposes, custom containers and container modifications. Through a national network of partners, Coastal Containers sells everything from new or "one trip to "as is" units to everything in between.

Cargo shipping containers have become a very popular means of providing extra space, outbuildings, new residential construction, short term and long term storage solutions.

Shipping containers are now available in many regions throughout the nation. Coastal Containers resells containers from a large network of intermodal shipping container suppliers. Most of our suppliers are located near ports. Coastal Containers can arrange ground delivery with one of several trucking partners from areas we serve.

If you plan to purchase a container, you have many choices. Containers are available in a variety of sizes, types and grades. The most common is a dry freight container with a cargo door on one end. The dry storage containers or "dry vans" are very prevalent around the world with millions stockpiled by intermodal suppliers throughout the country. By far the most common is 20' shipping containers and 40' shipping containers. You have the option of purchasing dry, insulated, refrigerated or modified containers, in various sizes. Availability varies by location across the county, but in general, it will be easier to find 20' and 40' containers. Please keep in mind that any time you purchase outside common sizes and types, you will pay much more and increase the risk of receiving a container in substandard condition.

Container Sizes:

Coastal Containers sells a variety of sizes of containers.

10' Storage Units
(10' x 8' x 8.5')

Suggested Uses: small office, tool shed, workshop, seasonal storage, school sports/playground equipment storage, garden supply shed, document storage—it can even be configured as a sauna! This size is great for tight spaces.

20' Storage Units
(20' x 8' x 8.5')

Suggested Uses: large onsite temporary office, garage, wine cellar, cold storage unit, temporary equipment storage, event booth, indoor garden, workout room, swimming pool, art studio, portable bathrooms, construction site storage

40' Storage Units
(40' x 8' x 8'6")

Suggested Uses: residence (single or multiple containers), office, cabin, vacation home, guesthouse, large construction equipment storage, retail store

Let Us Help You Find the Right Container for You

Coastal Containers' extensive national container inventory enables clients to find the exact container for their needs. Delivery is fast and convenient from regions we serve throughout the U.S. Competitively priced containers come standard or can be modified to your specifications. Multi-container discounts are available.

Our containers can be leased if your needs are only temporary or modified for a custom look and feel.



Find the right container for your needs—whether for construction, retail, commercial, agriculture or residential—we have the perfect container for you.

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