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Modifications Architecture

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Shipping containers can be modified to meet your unique requirements and specifications. Our partner modifiers can add entry doors, windows, skylights, HVAC, insulation, a finished interior, electrical, shelving, paint, door locks and more. We'll work with you to create the custom container that's right for you. We can refer you to custom modifiers who can help you design the container you want.

Turn a shipping container into an office, coffee shop, or small store with small adjustments. Check out our container modifications gallery to inspire you!


Shipping containers are made of solid metal construction—an excellent starting point to create a unique business or residential space. Containers are gaining popularity as "tiny homes." Combine two or more side by side or stack them to connect them to create a truly customized creation.


Homes made from shipping containers are sustainable and efficient. Designs run the gamut from functional to fabulous. These homes can be made from a single container or multiple containers/multiple stories with air conditioning/heating, skylights, full kitchens, baths and window treatments. Modifications are made offsite. When the finished home is delivered, it is secured to a foundation, a roof is added and plumbing and electricity installed. The process is quick and is a fraction of the cost of a "traditional" home.


Shipping containers meet the needs of businesses, whether a retail space or office building, Property owners looking to create an eclectic ambiance can assemble containers in various configurations to attract retail, hospitability and business tenants.

Storage Options:

  • roll up and steel doors
  • shelving
  • finished electricity
  • lighting
  • security lock box

COASTAL CONTAINERS is at the forefront of modified shipping containers with a team of expert partners on-hand to assist in making your dream a reality.

Shipping container modification provides extremely strong, durable and versatile projects, making them ideal to be converted into an endless array of practical solutions. Our partners have years of experience in helping customers create shipping container modifications working with engineers and draftsman connections to assist in the design and a production team to ensure quality workmanship in the final product.

Common Storage & Shipping Container Modification Options

Exterior Paint
Interior Paint
Turbine Vent
Lock Box
Roll up door
36" or 48" Walk through door
Custom Frame/ Door using container side
Security Bars
Sliding Doors

Heat/ AC units (side or roof mount)
Plan tablesSliding Doors
Heat/ AC units (side or roof mount)
Plan tables
Roof Seal
Electrical Outlets
Custom sized containers

Exhaust fans
Electrical Packages
Side Vents
Area cut outs for Prefab housing
Shelving Brackets
Tack room applications
Framing / Insulation
Cargo doors

PreFab Construction

- Construction offices
- Work shops, home
- Work shops, business
- Sales offices
- Laboratories
- Shower modules
- Restrooms & Toilets
- Kitchens
- Canteens
- Business Kiosks
- Classrooms
- Refrigerators / Freezers
- Emergency Housing
- Emergency Office
- Computer Data Centers
- Garages
- Recreation Vehicles

Modular Construction Blocks

- Housing, traditional architecture
- Apartments
- Condominiums
- Campus housing
- Mountain homes
- Trendy homes
- Office buildings
- Storage units
- Multi-car garages
- Commercial U-Store type storage units
- Emergency Shelters

Benefits of ISBU construction

- Strongest building construction on the planet
- Earthquake proof
- Fire proof
- Tornado / Hurricane proof
- Strong non-corrosion Corten steel
- Extreme security
- Recyclable - Green construction and modifications
- Saves trees
- Unibody construction
- Ideal for multiple floors and levels
- Fast construction
- Insulation: bonds easily with space-age Ceramic
- Exceeds U.S. Building Codes
- Easily adapted to Prefab automation
- Easily adapted to Custom homes
- Economically covered with traditional stucco, vinyl woods,

Custom Container Featured Projects

Find the right container for your needs—whether for construction, retail, commercial, agriculture or residential—we have the perfect container for you.

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