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Modification Options

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Modification Options

We are amazed everyday with the designs, ideas and uses people have come up with for containers. We have witnessed the shipping container structure boom in popularity and feasibility. We are committed to providing you the best quality and pricing for your project.

Containerized Housing Unit, usually abbreviated as CHU is the name given to an ISO shipping container pre-fabricated into a living quarters. Such containers can be transported by container ships, railroad cars, planes, and trucks that are capable of transporting intermodal freight transport cargo. Although people typically picture these containers as houses, there are thousands of different ideas people have invented beyond container living. Coffee shops, traveling art exhibits, prisons, commercial buildings, ski lodges, gondolas and tram stations, weather stations and more that create unique container buildings are just a few to name.

Common Storage & Shipping Container Modification Options

Exterior Paint
Interior Paint
Turbine Vent
Lock Box
Roll up door
36" or 48" Walk through door
Custom Frame/ Door using container side
Security Bars

Sliding Doors
Heat/ AC units (side or roof mount)
Plan tables
Roof Seal
Electrical Outlets
Custom sized containers
Exhaust fans

Electrical Packages
Side Vents
Area cut outs for Prefab housing
Shelving Brackets
Tack room applications
Framing / Insulation
Cargo doors

Find the right container for your needs—whether for construction, retail, commercial, agriculture or residential—we have the perfect container for you.

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