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Transportation Delivery

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Do you want us to ARRANGE delivery of your container?

Coastal Containers can arrange delivery through a qualified third party transporter. We would be happy to arrange the details of your container delivery. Our partner truckers will use a specialized tilt back trailer to offload your container and slide it into place.

The delivery process is somewhat complex and has a lot of moving parts from ordering the container to delivery. Coastal Containers can help you navigate the process of purchasing your container and arranging delivery with one of our trucking partners. Usually, containers are delivered within 3-7 days from payment, but sometimes it takes longer depending on the supply, demand and truck availability. Customers should plan on about a week for delivery. Remember, these containers have been used for cargo. Although they come dry and in good structural condition, they might need some paint and other clean up before you make use of your container.

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Space Requirements

Containers are typically delivered with a tilt-bed roll off truck. The driver tilts the bed up and the container touches ground. The driver then drives out from under the container. The delivery site needs to allow for 15 feet of overhead clearance to accommodate the container on top of the tilt bed truck or trailer. To exit the delivery, the driver needs a minimum length of the container and the tilt bed truck added together, in a straight line.

Delivery FAQs

Q: Can I set my container directly on the ground?

A: Yes the container is suitable to be placed directly on the ground but requires adequate drainage and level surface. It is very difficult to get a level space so we do recommend the containers are placed on blocks or pressure treated wood of some kind. This will make it much easier to pick the container back up or level the container after it is delivered and loaded.

Q: Can you move or relocate containers?

A: Yes although the container MUST be EMPTY. We do not move loaded containers. Due to the weight of the units it is can damage our delivery equipment if the containers are not EMPTY

Q: How quickly can you deliver?

A: FAST We can typically deliver an unmodified sale or rental unit in 24 hours. If you are in a hurry and need the container right away, please let us know.

Q: Can you help if I do not have enough space for delivery?

A: Yes. We are here to help and if there is anything that can be done to get your container delivered, we will do it. At additional expense, we can facilitate the rental of a crane, forklift, or even use casters (wheels) to reposition the container once they are off the truck. Call us today and we can walk you through your delivery options.

Find the right container for your needs—whether for construction, retail, commercial, agriculture or residential—we have the perfect container for you.

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